We’re committed to building a Conveyor that will perform in the most severe applications.  


Our many years in the Conveyor business have developed unique tooling to solve an array of material handling problems. These special tools are available to you at no extra cost. That is why we say Custom Conveyors at Standard Prices. Contact us to see if we can help solve your particular material handling problems. 

Our History - With the early 1950s came an idea to build durable factory equipment to automate processes for the fast paced American economy. In 1954, Consolidated Manufacturing was started. In a short time the company's Erect-O-Veyor Conveyor became the premier product, so to be better recognized, the company name was changed to ERECT-O-VEYOR CORPORATION in 1955. The first units were made of cast iron segments which could be combined to make any number of configurations. This allowed the customer to change the unit if their need changed. Some of those early units are still running today paying tribute to how well they were built. Today we offer the same dedication in serving our customer's needs.

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